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March 3,4,5 in the Olympia Washington Area

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2022 Brochure

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We’re a nonprofit organization made up of a group of farmers who sell their produce, and wares, direct to the consumer, and wholesale to each other. Our farming participants span the northwest, from British Columbia, Canada to Washington and Oregon, and span farming practices from pumpkin patches to flower fields to fresh local produce, tree fruits, Christmas trees, jams, jellies, crafts and more. Some are “tailgaters” at open air Saturday markets, some have full scale farming operations, complete with tours and educational programs for the general public. Some have set hours and some are self service stops. No matter how large, how small, how many bees in the garden or inches in the rain barrel, we’ve all joined together to cut the middle man out of getting the best, freshest goods to the people, at the best prices, while making sustainable livings for ourselves as well. We learn from each other, we teach each other, and we travel together.

This organization exists to help each other be more effective farmers, retailers, and business people. We help each other deal with the challenges that arise from family issues, government regulations, and the ever-changing market environment.

This group’s main activity is a farm tour each winter during our ‘off-season’. We gather at a hotel, board a comfortable bus and enjoy the sights of a new region. We go to a variety of farms and retail operations that will have lessons about displays, original thinking, and even some fun! Our members are from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and we alternate tours between the regions. Lots of sharing of ideas from the visited farms and also between farmers on the bus. We meet new friends and renew old friendships each year. Bring a photo album or a DVD to show us your farm!